Laurel Hill Pet Lodge
"Care with all the comforts of Home"
Young Harris, Georgia

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Laurel Hill Pet Lodge is a great place to leave your furry children. Just ask my cocker spaniel Sadee Lou and Mr. Luke the cat. We love to stay with Sherry & Keith and are well taken care of. Sadee Lou is the social director and always has a great time. Mr. Luke is shy, but comes home in great spirits. It is a great place to board your animals.

Jane Holland
Towns County Chamber of Commerce

When Sherry Walker, owner of Laurel Hill Pet Lodge, wrote to let me know that she was putting together a website for her business and wondered if I would mind writing a testimonial, I said "Mind?". It is indeed my pleasure to do so since for many years now Laurel Hill Pet Lodge has proven to be a home away from home for my 'furry gifts'. Several years ago I began traveling frequently into the North Georgia mountains and looked diligently for somewhere that would provide not only a place to stay that I knew both they and myself would be comfortable with, but a place where they could also get some special treatment. When I discovered Laurel Hill Pet Lodge I knew for sure that for us, it was THAT place. Sherry and her family have given my 'babies' a secure place, one where I know they are shown love and kindness, and where I can visit anytime to check on them and to play with them. It has always been my feeling that when as an owner, I have the ability to see them at any time and not worry about how they are being treated, then I've found them a safe, clean, second home. Over the years my two Maine Coons-Sir Lancelot and Char, my retired show champion Rottweiler-Connor, and my show Alaskan Malamute puppy-Kaly, have been their 'guests', and with wagging tails, always enjoy going back. I happily refer clients knowing with confidence, their furry friends will be taken care of not only professionally, but with love and kind hands as well.

As always Sherry, Keith and the Laurel Hill Pet Lodge family,

Thank you!

Mary Lee Rogers

Nashville, TN

Thanks to Laurel Hill Pet Lodge, we are able to go on trips and know that our dogs will be happy and well taken care of. We have used Laurel Hill for 4 years now, and always appreciate the work Sherry and Keith do to make them comfortable. It's a great feeling to be able to enjoy traveling, knowing our "fur-kids" are safe and happy. It's the next best thing to home!

Connee Anderson
Morganton, GA

Our Bernese Mountain Dogs, Gable and Pasha, are frequent guests at the lodge and are always warmly welcomed and treated like family. They enjoy the clean, roomy facilities, and are especially fond of the air-conditioning in the warmer months. Gable and Pasha like the opportunity to socialize with other friendly pets during their stay.

John and Francine Quinlan

Laurel Hill Pet Lodge and owner Sherry Walker is a second home for our Molly. Molly, our yellow lab, loves to visit with Miss Sherry. She gets wonderful care and lots of TLC, plus she is spoiled rotten. It is such peace of mind knowing that when we travel our Molly is happy and provided with good care. The kennel is always clean and there is plenty of yard for exercising. Sherry is always accomodating for our schedule and is a real joy to work with. Don't know what we would do if it wasn't for Laurel Hill. Molly is a little TOO BIG to travel with.

Jane Carter

Laurel Hill Pet Lodge is the greatest! I have been using the facilty since they opened in 2004. I visited all the kennels in the surrounding areas including Blairsville & Hayesville. As soon as I drove up to some of them I knew they were not what I was looking for. Some of them had a very nice appearance on the outside but upon going inside, I quickly changed my mind. They had cages stacked on top of one another, some smelled and others, well, I just got bad vibes. And I will not board at a vet clinic. I heard about Laurel Hill Pet Lodge from a friend of a friend. I called for a tour of the facility and was very impressed. I have personally seen some people's homes that are not as nice. It is a lovely, inviting boarding facility. Sherry and any staff that I have met have been professional and courteous and you can tell that their love of animals is genuine.
I own (or actually she owns me) an elderly golden retriever, Maggie and she loves going to Laurel Hill Pet Lodge. When we turn to go up the mountain toward the lodge, it is as if her inner puppy comes out. She stands up on the dash board and her tail wags vigorously. When Sherry opens the door to the lodge, Maggie darts in. That is enough for me. I see Maggie's happiness and that is what is important.
I am considering getting another golden soon and he or she will definately join Maggie for vacations at LHPL.

Kaye Martin
Hiawassee, Ga.


I wanted to give an updated reference. I have adopted a new baby! Her name is Rori. She is a rescued golden and is 8 months old. Rori came from a puppy mill and believe it or not, had already had a litter of puppies! GGRRRR!
Being that she has had the life she has, she has social issues and is (WAS) a very nervous, scared girl. I called Sherry to see if she could assist me in socializing her. Sherry not only said yes, she offered to keep her at no charge for a couple weeks! I was astonished to say the least. WHO would do such a thing when this is her business??!!
I left Rori in Sherry's care, with complete trust. I did call every couple days or so to check in and everything was going well. After two weeks, I picked Rori up. GLORY, GLORY!! Rori is a changed girl. She is so sweet, so loving, SO SOCIAL, it is an amazing turn around.
Thank you so much Sherry! Not only do you have the best boarding facility around but my little girl's turn around shows your genuine, gentle love and understanding for animals. We are so fortunate to have our own 'dog whisperer' here in north Ga.

Kaye, Maggie & Rori

When my husband Steve and I moved to the mountains a few years ago, one of the hardest things to leave behind in Michigan was our wonderful pet sitter of many years. Our two Golden Retrievers, Lhasa & Noosa adored her, and her house was their preferred "home away from home".
Shortly after moving to NC, we had to go away for a few days and a friend told us about Laurel Hill Pet Lodge. We gave Laurel Hill a try based on her recommendation and have never looked back! Both the dogs get very excited when we drive up the hill to the Lodge, and can't wait to get inside...Everyone at Laurel Hill is kind and loving to our dogs, but they do have a special soft spot for Keith!
I know they are happy and well-cared for, because whenever we come to pick them up, (although they are of course, happy to see us!) they never show signs of nervousness or being upset. They are smiling and have obviously had plenty of people contact and exercise.
Thank you Sherry and Keith for allowing us to get away without having to worry about our dear pets...we know they are in good hands!

Susan and Steve Kaagen
Hayesville, NC


Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your great pet lodge and the care that is always given our fur children. Finding your pet lodge thru your good looking son who works for our vet was a red letter day for us. All our years of dog owning we very seldom boarded them because I never felt they were safe with anyone but me. Your large kennels and great outdoor space that is so open to the lodge is the best arrangement I have ever seen at a boarding facility. A good friend of mine who operates her own kennel told me once "if you walk into the building and it smells, leave". Your place is always odor free and clean. Which is more than I can say for my house.

Nancy Watkins

"Tootie", "Maggie Mae", "Dixie Lee"

We feel very blessed to have found Laurel Hill Pet Lodge through the owner of the pet store where we purchased food for our three dogs. Our initial visit to Laurel Hill immediately confirmed the outstanding recommendation from the pet store owner!!! We knew that we had found a "home away from home" for our beloved Jesse, Sadee and Ace. The lodge was immaculate with spacious areas for each animal, air conditioned and did not have the 'smell' that one often finds in other facilities. We visited with Sherry for quite some time and knew that our babies would be treated as if they were her own. Since then we have left our dogs in Sherry and Keith's care on several occasions and know that they are safe and well cared for. Three of our friends have boarded their pets at Laurel Hill and feel the same as we do.
It is definitely a special place for our precious pets!!! Many thanks to Sherry, Keith and staff for the quality care and kindness always shown.
You are sincerely appreciated!!

Ann & Bob Manson
Young Harris, GA